The Chord Progression Map


This is a variation of the Chord Progression Map as proposed by Steve Mugglin. Steve has graciously provided these charts to the public as a not for profit resource. He offers a number of excellent resources, including the Music Theory For Songwriters and the ChordMapMidi tool, which is a progression map/development tool that is quite a bit more feature-rich than this one.


The chart is written in a key-agnostic way. Select your key and click any of the chord names in any of the boxes to see what each chord resolves to in the specified key. If you have the Jazz-Plugin installed (PC/Mac) then you will also hear the chord. You can also type out any chord in the chord text-box and hit enter to hear it.

The blue squares (down the center) have chords that are in the currently selected key. These are your primary chords! The green squares (on the edges) may or may not be in key, but can be used occasionally to create depth/tension, etc. You can go from the root (the big box labeled "Home") to any chord on this chart. From there you follow the arrows to find your way back home (to the root). The arrows represent tried-and-true chord progression. But since there are no rules in music, going against the arrows sometimes creates great progressions too, but it will take more experimentation to get the right combinations. In the original chord map the arrow went from the IV to the V only, but going from the V to the IV is so common that I added a bi-directional arrow to the chart.

Key: Chord: Steps: ? Notes: ?
iiim7b5 #Idim7 VI VI+7 VI+9 VI+7b9 iim+m7 iim+m9 iim #ivm7b5 II II+7 II+9 II+7b9 vim7b5/bIII #ivm7b5 #IIdim7 iiim V V+7 V+9 V+11 V+13 V+sus III+7 III+9 III+7b9 #Vdim7 III viim7b5 vim vim+m7 vim+m9 #Idim7 iim7b5 VII VII+7 VII+9 VII+7b9 iiim7b5 v v+7 iiim+m7 I I+7 I+9 I+7b9 I/III IV IV+6 IV+M7 IV+m IV+m6 iim iim+m7 iim+m9 #ivm7b5 Im6 II II+7 II+9 II+7b9 V I/V V+7 V+9 V+11 V+13 V+sus IVm7 bII7 VI VI+7 VI+9 VI+7b9 Idim/bIII bVI7 bVII9 #IVm7b5 V/II bVI bVII bVII+9 I IV/I V/I I+sus2 I+sus4 I+6 I+M7 I+M9 I+sus