Introduction User Guide

Piano Trainer

Welcome students of all ages!

We are in the process of developing a fully interactive piano training course. More information will be coming in the following days. You can be assured that all content is and always will be FREE!

Users of Grand Staff Defender have been requesting a number of features that would be difficult to add to the existing games. To quickly answer their requests, we have put together this Piano Trainer, which recreates much of the functionality of Grand Staff Defender within our new platform. Specifically, users can set which clefs they would like to be tested on, and the range of notes within each clef.

The Piano Trainer works best when connected with a MIDI device using the free Jazz-Plugin, but users can also use their mouse/touchscreen to active the piano keys, or use the keyboard to request notes. The keyboard controls are:

  • number keys set the octave
  • A-G select the note
  • Shift key (not pressed at the same time as the note) to sharp the note
  • Control key (not pressed at the same time as the note) to flat the note