Enable Javascript

All of the games and tools on are implemented using Javascript, which is built into your browser.  All major browsers have a setting to enable/disable javascript.  By default javascript is enabled.  In addition, there are various third-party plugins that allow finer control over whether or not javascript runs on this website.  Regardless, javascript must be enabled for this site, either as an exception in your configuration, or by re-enabling javascript.

Refresh Your Cache

Lately we have been making frequent changes to games and content on this site.  While caching is very helpful at increasing the speed at which a website is retrieved, it can unfortunately cause problems if it becomes confused about which versions it should be using.  Often times a problem can be solved simply by hitting the RELOAD button at the top of your browser.  Other times it may require a more extensive reload, which on most PC browsers can be accomplished by typing CTRL-F5.  On a MAC this can be accomplished by holding the shift key while pressing the RELOAD button.

If you have tried the above and still cannot play one of the games, then try clearing your browser data.  This will work almost 100% of the time.  While this may seem like nonsense, there have been several occassions where even one of our developers has had to do this.  If all else has failed, try it.

Ask for Help

If you're having a problem that you just can't seem to solve, ASK US.  We don't save email addresses.  We will NEVER spam you.  Honestly, its nice to feel helpful.  Please send your question to Contact Kurt.