- Thank you for writing Grand Staff Defender.  I've been using it for the last three weeks or so and getting scores just under 400k. It seems to be helping...

 - Chris in Southern Ontario


August 4, 2013 - 

These are exciting times at readmusicfree.com!  We've been working diligently on a set of tools that will be used to build interactive music lessons.  We have released the Piano Trainer to give students a taste of things to come.  We hope you like it!  Your feedback is important to us!!  Please tell us what you think!  Contact Email

Special note to music instructors: please know that readmusicfree.com understands the social aspects of music, and encourages students to seek lessons from a professional instructor.  Our guidance to students is that online trainers, games, and lessons are in-addition-to, and not instead-of lessons from a professional music teacher.  We pledge that this will not change.    

July 10, 2013 -

The first thing I would like to do is thank the fans of readmusicfree.com.  You have been enthusiastic even when I wasn’t.  Over the 2.5 years since this site went live, I've received a generous outpouring of wonderful comments and suggestions.  I’ve made a list, and over the next few weeks almost every single suggested enhancement will be implemented.

We’ve gone through quite a metamorphosis over the last few weeks.  The three games hosted by readmusicfree.com were largely rewritten onto a new platform that allows for greatly expanded capabilities.  You may have noticed that the games are now midi enabled.  I always saw midi as the necessary first step towards a much richer set of educational games.  The three existing games show their limitations when played with a midi device, for instance my 61 key keyboard doesn’t allow me to play Grand Staff Defender.  Clearly a 61 key version of the game is needed. 

What We're working on now is a new version that students can customize.  It will recognize not just notes, but also timing, rests, and key signatures (with sharps and flats).  It will allow students to track their progress over time.  Instructors will be able to suggest what students should be learning, and how much time they should dedicate to practice, and then monitor student progress.

As always, the content of readmusicfree.com is free, and will always remain free.  Stay true to your dreams.

- Ryan Rhodes